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Anyone might be concerned about the cost of leak detection and repair. Early detection is clearly cheaper than long-term damage, but even the price of early detection and repair might not be as hefty as you think…

Finding and documenting a leak is normally covered by home insurance policies. After insurance claims, you may only be out of pocket for the smaller cost of leak repair.

To make sure you’re covered, check your insurance documents for a section titled “Trace & access” or similar. This section of your policy should detail whether your insurance company will cover the cost of our services. All of our jobs come complete with a full report to help our customers with insurance claims.

Why choose our leak detection service?

No find, no fee. If we don’t find your leak, you don’t owe us a penny – we’re that confident. Terms apply, of course.

We have experienced plumbing and heating engineers. We’ve got years in the business which lets us find and repair more efficiently than anyone else.

We write comprehensive reports for insurance claims. Our pricing is fair yet you’re most likely covered by insurance anyway.

We pinpoint the leak without causing damage, thanks to our high-tech approach.

We’re cost effective without cutting corners.